Meet Our Ministry Team

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Wendy L. Gillette

is the founder and teacher of WCOM. She is a wife, mother, teacher of God’s Word. Wendy is passionate in sharing God’s love wherever she goes and enjoys encouraging people to reach their full-potential. Her life is committed to serving God and teaching His Word.

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Daniel Revealer Gillette

Danny is the fun, loving paw my way to your lap kind of dog. He is always happy and never wants to be left out of anything. His purpose is to remind us to keep things simple and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Damara Joanna Gillette

is a black Labrador Retriever who loves her mom and is a ministry teacher with Wendy. Damara loves being center of attention and her voice, her photogenic personality aid in the ministry teachings through books and video stories. She is also here “Walking The Walk” with us.

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"Magnum" is a black percheron draft horse.

To see him in the pasture he presents himself as a dominate force but to look into his eyes they say other wise. A ministry teacher like his brothers, Magnum brings to us a bit of mystery. This mystery represents the inner struggles that we all face from time to time and also unknown parts of ourselves that we have yet to discover. But with God and Magnum on our life ride all will be well and amazing discoveries will be made.

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“Big Guy” Donnie Gillette

is a black Percheron draft horse. He is a gentle giant and a ministry teacher too. “Big Guy” Don is here to love and teach us about the strength and confidence that we all have deep within us and is released when we allow God to work through us and with us.

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Zeus "The Moose"

is a gray percheron draft horse. He too is a ministry teacher like his brothers. Zeus gives pure joy just by looking at him and gives unconditional love to all. He is the first one willing to go without for the sake of others. A true model of patience and kindness.Your heart remains in a state of bliss when Zeus is near. Zeus "The Moose" exemplifies the word love, allow his love in.